Plano Massage Therapy Covered By Your Health Insurance!

We are your provider for Medical Massage in Plano!

If you ever wished that your massage therapy

visits were covered by your health insurance,

look no further!

Insurance Covered


The Knead MedMassage not only delivers a high quality *medical massage, *sports massage, or *myofascial release treatment – it can be covered by your health insurance, reducing your out-of-pocket expense!

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*These procedures are based on medical necessity and subject to health insurance guidelines for coverage. The techniques used are under a physician’s direction and fall into the category of physical medicine and rehabilitation, that are performed by highly trained staff.

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The Knead Technique = Massage Therapy + Strengthening + Stretching (Physical Medicine Procedure)

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Free Wellness Consultation with a Digital Posture Analysis and a $25 credit for future services

Medical Massage

You can get massages covered by your health insurance - contact us to find out how!